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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Siakol - Rekta (Full Album)

Album Title: Rekta
Artist: Siakol

Track List:

1. No problema
2. Isla puting bato
3. Tsismis
4. Itigil na natin
5. Galit
6. Bale-wala
7. Ayos lang
8. Halika na
9. Ingay
10. Kasama
11. Meron pa
12. Rekta

To protect the privacy of my files I've created a mediafire password.

Password: eztunes


TheTelos said...

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OPM Hits said...

Let's support Original Pinoy Music ez-tunes! By the way, I also share different OPM Songs. Feel free to visit my blog. Well, the band of Siakol is really a nice bad and when I was on High School me and my friends love to sing "Bakit ba".

OPM Hits said...

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PARI Antipiracy said...
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Anonymous said...

Kuya TNx Tlaga...
Maraming Slamat

PARI Antipiracy said...

You are infringing on copyrights owned by members of PARI (Philippine Association of the Record Industry, Inc.) by illegally distributing songs and music videos through giving out of illegal download links in your website. These files are made available to your users without permission is a violation of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines.

This letter is to notify you of the aforementioned possible infringement and to formally demand your company to refrain from illegally distributing the said files. We request that you cease any further illegal distribution of infringing material through your website upon receiving this notice.

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